Business Intelligence Systems

for investment and pension fund companies, asset management and accounting departments, compliance units and depositaries.

About us


  • 14 years experience on financial market
  • 700 funds in portfolio
  • More than 20000 financial instruments

We are a team of enthusiasts and professionals with many years of programming and design experience gained in companies from the capital market. We create Business Intelligence solutions that enable the selection, combination and clear presentation of information from dispersed external and internal sources. The applications are adapted to the hardware platform, operating system and databases operating in the enterprise, and the information used for analyzes may come from many different IT systems used in the organization.


Suncon systems are constantly adapted to the applicable business and legal requirements. The supplier guarantees recipient adaptation of the system functionality to the changing legal regulations as part of the fees included in the service and maintenance contract (no fees for changes required by changing statutory or statutory law).
As part of the services provided, Suncon guarantees technical and information support on working days from
9 am to 5:30 pm (if unexpected situations occur, assistance is provided outside the designated time frames).


Introducing statutory, statutory and individual changes


Introducing new functionalities at no extra charge


Daily database update, recommendations on law regulations


Technical assistance, software and hardware advisory


Suncon systems meet all legal requirements, are adapted to reporting for the needs of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority or data import from internal systems and accounting programs.
Comprehensive solutions for automation of asset management, accounting, fund and portfolio valuation, investment risk and limits management.

  • All
  • Fund Manager
  • Limits Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Liquidity
  • Reports
  • Risk Manager








Suncon charges monthly license fees for using the systems.
The license covers full system support, i.e. providing all necessary data for the proper functioning of systems, introducing legal and statutory changes, modifying functionalities.

The scope of the offer and service in each of the plans is identical, they differ in the number of systems ordered.

Often asked questions

  • What is included in the license?

    The license applies for the whole period of contract duration.
    The license authorizes the Client to use the systems in the following fields of use:

    • installation of systems in the Customer's IT environment on an unlimited number of positions,
    • starting systems,
    • generating reports and annual reports for customer needs,
    • making systems buckups.

  • The duration of the implementation depends on the number of funds, we usually count 1 day for the configuration of 1 fund.

  • Fees are charged monthly from the first installation of the system. The monthly fee depends on the amount of funds.
    For example for 11 funds, with 2 systems, we choose plan medium.

  • Technical support is provided on the basis of requests made by the customer via e-mail or through a dedicated reporting service.
    Support is provided from Monday to Friday from 9:00 - 17:30, in emergencies 24/7.

  • The data is stored in customer's server.


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